According to the polls, 84% of Canadians believe it should be illegal to have an abortion based on sex.


For every 25 signatures she receives, MP Cathay Wagontall can continue to raise the issue in the House of Commons.


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Sex selective abortion is a growing problem in Canada.

Sex selective abortion is a growing problem globally, with well over 200 million girls statistically missing, simply because they are girls.


But the impacts of this crisis don’t end in the womb. Sex selective abortion has led to ratio disparities between men and women leading to increases in sex trafficking, kidnapping, and violence against women in countries where there are significantly more men than women. 

While we often assume sex selective abortion is only an issue in other countries, it is a problem in Canada too. Although equality between the sexes is enshrined in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, there is no law against the discriminatory practise of sex selective abortion.


Canada has a moral duty as one of the world’s most influential free societies to lead the way in protecting girls from all forms of sex discrimination

Bill C-233 calls on the House of Commons to enact legislation that would prohibit sex selective abortion in Canada. This issue goes beyond partisan politics. This is about ending the life of a baby, simply because she is a girl.

Please sign the petition and send a letter to our MPs so a strong message can be sent to the House of Commons that sex selective abortion has no place in Canada.

Send a letter to our MPs asking them to support Bill C-233. If passed, the bill would amend the Criminal Code to prohibit medical practitioners from performing sex selective abortions.  
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